Your E-book cover

Because the visual and aesthetic aspects of most objects – even virtual ones – are of interest to me, and because I design book covers, the shift in this medium has been very interesting to follow.

I recognize the cliche preference for the paper version of a book… the smell, ¬†the texture of the pages and so on…and I confess that I fall into this category of reader. I am however not above ¬†appreciating the fact that I don’t have to clutter up my shelves with some of my less than stellar choices. It was a slow conversion but I caved in the end.

As a designer, e-publication and covers are of particular interest because of how they will be viewed and enjoyed visually.

For your e-book you will want to remember that the cover will often be viewed as a thumbnail image, which must be constructed to have a visual impact using very little visual real estate. It must also be compelling at a tablet and print size.


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