Video may have killed the radio star but the internet loves it!

C. Laurin Arts - YGB logoA recent article in the Guardian says video is no longer a “nice to have” upgrade on your website, but rather that it is a “must have”.

Your Great Business does an amazing job with this. Their videos look great, they are short, professional, easy to follow and useful. Another client who is using video in a very targeted way is ValueCreation GPS.

C. Laurin Arts - VCGPS logoThey support their value proposition with interviews that allow the visitor to hear directly from their clients. This is extremely powerful.

Interview with an expert

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Kim Owen of

As in every aspect of your marketing plan, the decision to include video on your website takes thought and planning. It’s better to go without videos than to post something of questionable quality. In order to share a sense of direction, here is a conversation I recently had with Kim Owen, partner at Clear Edge  Inc. Marketing:

CL: In your opinion, what are the main marketing goals video can support?

KO: Well, really there are three main goals that video can support: client testimonials, connecting in a more personal way, and product or service demonstrations.Video is a great way for your visitors to get a more personal connection with you. They allow the visitor to connect a voice and a face to your business. Client testimonials are very powerful because your visitors are hearing from actual users about your product or service and about their experience with you. Your client becomes your advocate. Lastly, using a video to demonstrate your product or service makes it easier to understand the concept more quickly. The visitor gets to experience part of the process.

CL: Can you speak to the importance of production value for an online video?

KO: Quality is very important. Poor quality work can do more harm than good. Nowadays we all have smart phones that can capture video but that does not make all of us brilliant videographers. Aside from ensuring reliable resolution and a more polished end product, a professional videographer can take advantage of existing snippets that can be added or can use a green screen. By shooting against a green screen, the same video can be shown against different backgrounds and can be used for different purposes or audiences.

CL: How long should a video be, optimally?

KO: Well, as in most things, less is more. In my opinion, Marketing or Promo videos should run no longer than a minute or minute and a half.

CL: Anything to look out for when selecting a vendor for this service?

KO: Ask for samples of work when looking at different providers. You can also ask to speak to a recent customer to get some feedback. Make sure they are using professional equipment, particularly for sound. You may want to ask if they do their own editing or whether they send it out. There is an advantage if they do their own because they can be in the loop creatively and it is usually more cost effective.

CL: Can you give us your top “dos” and “don’ts”?

KO: Yes, here are a few really important ones:
DO write a script
DO rehearse
DO check that your content works well on your website and phone
DO give the video a meaningful name to optimize search
DO think about the composition in the frame (if your subject is too far away or there is too much going on in the background, your spokesperson may not stand out)
DON’T Put everything in one video, break things up

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  1. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should-video is no exception. Thanks for the clear thoughts!