C. Laurin Arts Graphics Offers the Following Services

Below is a selection of design and graphic services we’ve provided to valued clients.  The Portfolio Page directs you to specific samples.

Design and Project Management for printed and screen assets

C.Laurin Arts BrandingCTMBranding

C. Laurin Arts will help you develop and support your brand across screen and print media. Common themes, together with consistent color palettes and visual patterns, help your clients put your work into a familiar context, while stimulating product and service recollection. Branding samples can be found on the Branding page.

LogosCut Out Entertainment Logo

An essential part of your business identity, your logo has a critical impact on visual memory, creating a recognizable identity associated with your organization. The well-designed logo must be compelling while telling a story or creating a desired emotion. Visit our Logo Page to see a sampling the logos we have designed for clients.

C. Laurin Arts illustration - GirlIllustrations

Custom illustrations allow you to integrate your branding and visual preferences into brochures, web sites, banners, flow charts, diagrams or in other marketing collateral. See the Illustrations page for samples.

C. Laurin Arts Catalogs & BrochuresMarketing Collateral:

C. Laurin Arts provides design and project management for all print projects. We provide a choice of printers appropriate for the project, and manage the process from design to delivery, including press checks. Review samples of business identity, brochures, catalogs, posters, banners, trade show booth graphics or displays  and branded merchandise on the Marketing Collateral page.

C. Laurin Arts Website Design J. Doucette LawC. Laurin Arts Website Design J. Doucette LawWebsites

The website is a critical part of how you market your business. It acts as a business card, an ad, a brochure, even a virtual “office.” C. Laurin Arts integrates your branding and your business philosophy to shine through your web presence. See a sampling of our sites on the Website Design page.

Book Covers and Layouts:C. Laurin Arts Book Covers Evan Keliher

You put everything into creating the text of your book, but an effectively designed book cover is crucial when attempting to reach your targeted audience. C. Laurin Arts will devote the time and energy necessary to create a cover that represents the words on the pages. Please visit our Books page to see some of our work.

C. Laurin Arts - Announcements - Surfing XmasPhoto Editing:

C. Laurin Arts offers photo editing for screen or print, either as part of website or collateral design, or for an independent purpose such as touch up, color correction etc. Samples are on the Photo Editing page.

PackagingC. Laurin Arts Packaging - Bottle

Whether you need a box or other container for a game or a product, a branded shopping bag, labels or tags, C. Laurin arts will work with you to come up with the best solution. Packaging samples can be seen on the Branding page.

C. Laurin Presentations - Tribute 2Presentations:

We build PowerPoint and Flash presentations for commercial or private use. Private use samples can be viewed on the Presentations page.