Twisted Sister Studios

Twisted Sister Studios in Toronto takes a modern approach to yoga and dance. Owner Dana Gudelis is a yoga instructor and long-time dancer who specializes in Western Swing Dancing. She approaches everything with passion. In addition to the meditative and relaxation aspects of yoga, Dana also loves power yoga where strength building and rigorous exercise bring a fresh perspective to an ancient art. Balance in mental and physical health is also a key component.

Initial designs requirements included: simplicity, strength, irreverence, playfulness, movement, balance, bright colors, flat iconic design. The first designs featured the requirements, and included a playful take on Dana’s coiffure (she changes her look seasonally). After reviewing these it became apparent that an additional requirement needed to be considered. Dana’s classes will be designed to for men and women and we needed to move the design direction to something more gender neutral that would  appeal to both men and women. Dana has had other successful careers and likes to take challenges head-on. In that light she wanted to  include a symbol of strength such as a sword, she also loves tattoo art and wanted to hint at the balance of yin and yang. In the end we gave up the flatness and came up with a logo that had all the elements she feels represent her business. (Click here to go back to the Logos page)

C. Laurin Logo samples for twisted Sister Studios