California Counsel Group

California Counsel Group, Inc. is a boutique law firm located in San Diego, California. They provide corporate finance, employment and general counsel legal services to companies and individuals in various industries and at various stages of their development and growth. They also represent various non-profit organizations, including a number of charter schools. They provide high quality, personalized legal services in a practical and efficient manner.

They have recently branched out by creating, which is focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners start, finance and grow successful companies.

When California Counsel group opened their doors, they wanted their logo to reflect their business philosophy. Their logo is inspired by the craftsman bungalows of the early 1900s. This architecture marked a departure from useless ornamentation, finding it’s inspiration and simplicity in is natural surroundings. Getting to the essence of things, focusing on what is real and important. The following options were the finalists. (Click here to go back to the Logos page)

C. Laurin Arts - CCG logo story

When “California Counsel Group” wanted to merge their branding with the new “Your Great Business” for a trade show we created a combined logo to reflect that need:

C. Laurin Arts - CCG & YGB logo info