You put everything into creating the text of your book, but an effectively designed book cover is crucial when attempting to reach your targeted audience. C. Laurin Arts will devote the time and energy necessary to create a cover that represents the words on the pages.


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John Stayt has had a fascinating life. Born in South Africa, educated at Harrow in England, he fought in WWII and has extensively traveled the middle East. He settled in Australia where he became a teacher

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C. Laurin Arts Book Covers Evan KeliherEvan Keliher is the author of over seven books, several of his plays have been performed and a movie made from one of his scripts was released nationwide. He has a PHD in education, was a teacher and administrator in the Detroit Public School system for over 30 years and has written extensively on the subject of public schools and teaching.




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Dolores Loedel’s goal is to provide readers with thought-provoking, life-changing stories that will create hope and inspire change.