New client site live – in collaboration with ClearEdge Inc. out of San Francisco

I recently had a great collaborative experience with Clear Edge Inc.

Kim Owen and Linda Jackson brought me on board to build a site for a client they are working with. They did a wonderful job taking a complex offering and making it accessible. They built a narrative and theme around the idea of navigation that fit perfectly with this client’s service. You can learn more about Clear Edge inc. at their website:


Value Creation GPS is a company that helps align financial objectives from across a whole organization. Their secret weapon is Dr. Toshi Shibano who develops customized programs that fit the company structure, language and financial goals. By ensuring that all executives truly understand the impact of their individual strategies and can communicate using common terminology ensures that financial goals for individual areas of operation are aligned with the company’s overall financial goals. Video testimonials for many of his clients can be seen on his new website.

C. Laurin Arts Website for Value Creation GPS

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