Twisting and Turning letters into a logo for “Twisted Sister Studios”

Twisted Sister Studios in Toronto takes a modern approach to yoga and dance. Owner Dana Gudelis is a yoga instructor and long-time dancer who specializes in Western Swing Dancing. She approaches everything with passion. In addition to the meditative and relaxation aspects of yoga, Dana also loves power yoga where strength building and rigorous exercise bring a fresh perspective to an ancient art. Balance in mental and physical health is also a key component.

C. Laurin logo for Twisted Siter Studios - Purple Sword surrounded by Teal Ss


Click here to see other proposed samples of Twisted Sister Studios logo.

Del Mar Architect Dean Meredtih’s new webste

Del Mar Architect, Dean Meredith creates spectacular homes in some of the most beautiful settings. Although his designs reflect different architectural styles, his approach is Wrightian in that he creates harmony within the natural setting of each project. He also creates a unique environment to fit each  client.

The functionality of this site is a bit different. We were looking for the ability to offer the most effective the visual  experience to showcase Dean’s projects. Top architectural photographer Stephen Allard , photographed, edited and created a spectacular gallery which was developed using a second theme and is integrated into the main site.

Dean Meredith Architecture Website

Dean Meredtih Architecture sketches and models image

Beautiful paper art

I continue to be amazed by the beautiful work of artists using the simplest media. Visit Maude White’s site to see more of her beautiful work.

Maude White sculpture of feather and girl with balloon

A trio of connected websites for Finest Finish Pools

Finest Finish Blends is a division of Universal Pools in Arizona. Their beautiful pool finishes are known for their strength, longevity, durability, resilience, sparkle and ultra smooth texture. Working with established branding colors, the requirements in this case included creating three different experiences for visitors: a main umbrella type site to summarize the product offering and two related websites, one to address the needs of consumers the other to give pertinent information to finish installers.

Visitors can navigate between the sites using navigation at the top of the screen and within each site suing an additional level of navigation situated under the banner.

Finest Finish Pools - A trio of websites home page images

DeserTech website is live

DeserTech is a locally owned and operated family business, that services and repairs high end appliances throughout the Coachella Valley. Their clients include homeowners, property managers, manufacturers, contractors, and builders. They pride themselves on professional service, long term customer relations, and standing behind the service they perform.

Click on the image below to visit the site.

C. Laurin Arts image of DeserTech site - two vansClick here to see C. Laurin Arts website portfolio.

Using his power for good…

Great presentation from Luis von Ahn using the internet to harness the power of internet and using a tiny fraction of our time (yes, yours and mine) to digitize books and translate the interest. Two interesting details: we are doing things computers still can’t do yet that humans can and channeling tiny amounts of work into an enormous project that benefits our  communal knowledge base.

Fabergé Egg Hunt

C. Laurin blog about FabergéFabergé launches a clever media campaign for a historic luxury product line that mixes art, design and fun across New York city.

The company has commissioned over 260 large egg designs by artists, fashion designers, interior designers, architects (including Zaha Hadid!). These eggs have been hidden all around New York City.

Take a look at the designs here. The list shows each egg, the artist or sponsor, which Borough the egg is hidden in and the current price.

If you’re in NY you can also download an app that includes interactive map on which you can see if you are anywhere near one of the hidden eggs. You can digitally “collect” eggs as you find them, upload your photos and even create your own digital egg.

Trademark discussion on the McRunway!

What will they think of next? Here is a fun article about the MacDonalds inspired collection at the Moschino runway show in Milan. Not for me thanks on both counts!

What is more interesting from a marketing perspective is the trademark discussion which is very succinctly summarized in this short article. It gives a quick overview of how trademark enforcement works by using the Moschino show as an example.

A new site for Torrey Capital Investments is live!

Torrey capital investments is a successful registered Fee-only Investment Advisory firm located in Del Mar CA, specializing in wealth management.

President Jackie Karnavas was looking to keep a very professional looking site, while softening the color palette and communicating approachability and service. She keept the gold form her previous branding direction, but we toned it down to make it more of an accent color.

Click on the image below to visit the site.

C. Laurin-Torrey Capital Investments imgClick here to see C. Laurin Arts website portfolio.